The Songnisan National Park

Posted in South Korea | January 10, 2013

Visit the lovely continent of Asia and enjoy tours to South Korea here. The land has its own culture, tradition, and scenic beauty. Visit the beautiful locales here and enjoy your tours to this part of the world in peaceful and serene surroundings. Come to South Korea, visit the Songnisan National park, and enjoy the lovely greenery here.

With the entire region being surrounded by mountains, hiking is s popular activity here and the main reason people come here. The Songnisan National Park in central Korea is a lovely destination to visit and the most spectacular region in this part of the continent. With the Beopjusa temple, giving great sights with the huge gold Buddha statue this is certainly a destination meant to be explored. With the innumerable restaurants and the many home stay facilities you get, the mountain village here is a lovely sight. Go half up way the mountain here and enjoy the stays at the Birosanjang hut where you get to see the most amazing wilderness, which is very rare in Korea. The hiking facilities notwithstanding tours here to this part of the world are very interesting and exciting.

Take some of the mountain food here at the foot of the mountain and experience the delicious food like the Pajeon or the Green onion pancake and the mushroom marinated pork or the Beo Sot Bulgogi.

Also come here and see the “am’ or the hermitage which is found a little way up the mountain. There are many monks living here for seeking isolation for long periods. They are very hospitable and they enjoy the pleasures of the lovely surroundings here.

Korea’s finest scenic beauty is found here in the rocky granite outcrops and the forested mountainous areas. Beopjusa is famous temple here and an important tourist centre.

The temple of Beopjusa goes back to the time of 553 AD and has been reconstructed many times. There is a special five storeyed structure here with a wooden pagoda, which has some of the most outstanding features. The huge building standing at a height of around 33 m made of bronze is a spectacular sight here. Called the Palsangjeon this is a fantastic construction and brings many tourists to this part of South Korea .

There are many ancient relics here, which aware inclusive of a stone lantern and a very sophisticated unified Shila, which has a seated, Buddha made out of rock. There is a giant cauldron and a huge bell all of which are major attractions in tours here.

There are hiking trails here which go up to the high peaks of 1000 m. There is a very popular hike here, which is very easy to climb up. This is the Manjangdae, which is at a height of 1033 m. Way back in 1464; King Ejo was brought here in a palanquin. It takes around three hours to climb and two hours to climb down. You can also visit Munisbong, ispseokdae, Birobong and go back after seeing the Sinseondae too. Cheonhwangbong is the highest peak here at a height of around 1058 m. Hikers like to explore the pleasures of such places here.

Songnisan National park is accessed by buses coming here from Cheongju, which is around an hour and a quarter from here.

Visit the beautiful confines of the Songnisan National Park and enjoy basking in the delights of a lovely land filled with maximum delights.

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